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Loving it When the Vision Clicks!

Today our lead pastor received an email from a family that has been attending our church for little over a month.  The email was such a blessing and encouragement, as it stated how loved and connected they felt since attending.

As I have said in earlier posts, when you get an email or note such as that, you definitely want to relish it and bottle it up for later.  Ministry can be hard, and so it is great when God lets you receive those encouragements. 

Even though I was encouraged to read how this family had gotten connected and felt loved, that wasn't the most exciting part of the note for me.  In the email, they mentioned how they heard over and over again our church's vision of loving God, loving each other and loving the community.

Wow! Within one short month, they got it.  They understand what we are all about.  They know it so well that they can recite it from memory.  That's what got me stoked!

At least, for this family, we have been clear about our vision.  They know what it is.  There is no mystery.  And by clearly knowing who we are, they are now so very excited to become a part of it.


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