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Fellow blogger and pastor Todd writes this thoughtful and candid post,
Melanie and I were on a walk last night and we were talking for a bit about the challenge of being in community in our suburban environment. With all of our good intentions, its been hard to find a way gather with those who live around us to read scripture, pray together and just plain old be together.

There are a lot of factors that go into this. Children are a big key. We have two young children and we try and have them in bed by 8:00 each night so they don’t kill each other the next day. To do some kind of small group / bible study during the week is tough. Not impossible, but really, really hard to pull off.

Another issue is our busy schedules and the fact that while each of the families in our area have holes in the schedules, they rarely coincide. So, while we are free on Tuesday evenings, another family isn’t and they are free on Thursday evenings, another family isn’t, etc.
My point is, its just not cut and dry. As we talked, we are committed to finding a better way forward and figuring this thing out. But, its not easy and its not convenient. If convenience were our goal, we’d probably just keep on going like we are. (read the rest HERE)
So many families in North Atlanta feel and experience Todd and Melanie's frustration. The answers are easy, in fact they are challenging and they are going to be different for everyone. There are no cookie cutter solutions. But here is the common thread from Todd's thoughts and what I experience in my suburban context - whatever is decided - it won't be EASY, it won't be CONVENIENT. Once that premise is excepted, then we won't get so frustrated when it doesn't just easily fall into place.


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