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How to Microwave Your Small Group Connection

Most of the community Life Groups at The Vine Community Church meet every other week.  If you have groups that meet every other week for a couple of hours, it could take months before people become really comfortable with each other. 

In order to push that process forward, faster, why not microwave the process so that the valuable time you do spend together as a group, is as meaningful as possible? 

Go ahead and try a one of these microwavers!

Our Top 5 Microwavers:

5. Throw a Party at a Restaurant for the Next Birthday in the Group

4. Go See A Braves Game Together

3. Chill out with a Backyard Barbeque

2. Go Bowling Together

1. Saturday Morning Breakfast and Service Project

On a personal note, my Life Group has done several of these selections during it's first year together.  Perhaps the most meaningful was when we got together for a Saturday breakfast and then served together in the community later that morning.  There is real power when a group is on "mission" together.  Not only is serving the community a worthwhile and valuable endeavor, but it also microwaves connection within the group in a very special and meaningful way.


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