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I just came across this website called Issuu. I like what I've seen so far of this site. Issuu allows you to upload and publish your document, magazine or newsletter.

The interface is really cool and slick. It sure beats just opening up a mere PDF. The reader can view it either as a magazine, presentation or paper view. Print and bookmark the pages that you want. Also, Issuu leverages social networking tools, but I haven't yet gotten into that aspect of the app yet.

What I really like is the way a person can embed the publication into their blog or website. You can see an example below from an issue of Tabletalk that is on Issuu.

Imagine using this program to embed your church's or ministry's newsletter into your website. Or send them a link to your church's newsletter that they can view online rather than having to send an email attachment. I think that there are all kids of benefits of using Issuu as a electronic means of communication.

Check out Issuu and tell me what you think.


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