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Finding Good Hymns

Let the worship wars begin! Just kidding. I don't know what music styles you may use at your church, but perhaps you sing hymns on Sunday mornings. My church, The Vine Community Church has an "ancient-future" style of worship that uses hymnody occasionally during our service.
So if you are looking for the right hymns to use either on a Sunday morning, or even during your own personal devotions, where do you start?
1. Ask other pastors. This might seem obvious, but there is a treasure trove out there. If you have relationships with other pastors, pick their brains.
2. Ask new people in your church. Find out if there were any great songs that they sang in their old church that might be helpful.
3. Keep an eye out as you read. Lots of authors (Packer, Grudem, Piper...) quote old hymns in their writings. Make a note, look them up, and sing them!
4. Collect hymnals. You may use the The Trinity Hymnal, The Baptist Hymnal (1991), and Praise! to name a few. It can be helpful to search them using Scripture references or look for certain authors. You'll find gems that you never knew.
5. Other good resources:
a. Sovereign Grace Music -- Lots of great theological content in a contemporary style.
b. RUF Hymnbook-- RUF is the Reformed University Fellowship a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.  RUF has awesome old hymns with updated tunes. This is a great resource because there are so many old hymns with rich, Christ-exalting words but yet have terrible tunes. Some favorites from their collection are: "The Love of Christ is Rich and Free", "The Sands of Time Are Sinking", "Jesus I Come", and "Sometimes a Light Surprises".

c. Reformed Praise -- Good site with lots of resources.

d. CyberHymnal -- Tons and tons of hymns. You can listen to tunes, see alternate tunes, search by topic or Scripture.
Any resources that you use that I may have neglected to mention?

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