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Email Is So "Old-School"

That is certainly the opinion of the younger generation.  If you want to communicate with a young person, you don't email them.  You either communicate with them through Facebook or you send them a TEXT.

Text Messages is a powerful communication tool whether toward the young or even the old.  I think Obama's latest strategy of texting the masses with his Vice-Presidential pick illustrated clearly the power of texting.

So how do you Text large groups of people such as your small group, youth group or church?

With Tatango, you can send one text message and broadcast it to a group of people's phones. (those willing to receive the message must opt-in initially.  This is done to prevent spammers) 

With Tatango, sending a text can be done easily through either your computer or your phone.

Give Tatango a try and let the readers of Ministry Best Practices know what you think?


givin it a go round - thanks for link! and you're right, email is so old skool!


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