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Change In The American Megachurch

What we call Megachurches in the U.S. are really becoming Mini-denominations.

“Megachurches are creating around them structures and especially functions that once were done by the denominations. They are creating alternative ways for churches and for religious people to get resources to do ministry, to do missions, to connect with other churches. All the things that were typically done by a denominational form are being done at a local church level—if you can call a megachurch a local church.”
 —Scott Thumma, co-author of “Changes in American Megachurches” and Beyond Megachurch Myths

(ht:, 9/13/08)


That makes a lot of sense since it seems the goal lately has been to break denominational barriers but still do the kingdoms work. You get folks from all different walks coming in so the church takes on certain "flavors" from all over.


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