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Celebrating ONE YEAR Anniversary

Even though I have several posts that pre-date September 2007, it was September 2007 that Ministry Best Practices was launched in it's current incarnation.

It has only been a year from, what originally started as a once a month (or so) blog/newsletter to my First Impressions team to becoming in September 2007 a full blown website for all kinds of Best Practices within Ministry.

My intention for creating this website was not only to share from my own 20 years of ministry experience but mostly to create a forum to learn from others. As many of you already know, the internet is a great learning community. I wanted to benefit from that - I know that I still have much to learn.

To celebrate all that God has done, I hope you will indulge me with a little self -congratulations by mentioning several significant benchmarks that have happened within the year:

Within the year, Ministry Best Practices has 141 subscribers (stat via Feedburner) If you are not already a subscriber, go HERE and become one as well.

Within the year, Ministry Best Practices set up a Facebook fan page which now has 100+ fans. The Facebook page has been an awesome way to connect ministry leaders with one another. If you are not currently a FAN of Ministry Best Practices, go HERE to sign up.

Within the year, I have learned some hard lessons about blogging and have been personally challenged on how to best use this site and forum. Go HERE and HERE to see what I mean.

Within the year, Ministry Best Practices was added to Alltop's list of top Church websites. Go HERE for the details.

Within the year, I have made some great internet friends, learned a lot from others and made some great ministry connections. For example, see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (forgive me if I didn't mention you directly)

Thank you to all who read and subscribe to Ministry Best Practices. I appreciate all of you who comment and contribute to this site and who challenge me as a ministry leader.




Congratulations on your growth.

I'm one of those RSS subscribers and enjoy the postings.

I have started using some of the little utilites that you have mentioned.

Chris W

wow! that has to be the first time i've been mentioned in a list with bob hyatt and actually been listed ahead of him!!!

happy birthday, keep up this great resource!

Congrats and thanks for one year of the Ministry Best Practices. Keep plugging are a vital resource to me and I'm sure many others out there.

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