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Are You A Welcoming Church?

What does that question mean? And can we be the one's to define it for ourselves. I think that everyone would answer the question YES about their own church.  Most of us would say that our church is welcoming and friendly.  But most often that opinion may be informed less by reality and more because we are merely comfortable in our relationships with one another.

Try to enter into the experience of a guest on Sunday morning.  Ask God to give you fresh eyes on the Sunday morning experience.

How do think that a guest may feel when they enter your church?

Do you think they may feel like they are intruding on a private affair when they show up on Sunday? 

Are people at your church able and prepared to go beyond "Hi, what's your name? Where do you live?" in a conversation with a guest? 

Are people at your church willing to stop being driven by the TASKs on Sunday morning and stop long enough to have a conversation? 

Do people smile at guests when speaking? 

Do people make eye contact with them? 

When someone is hurting, are you and others at your church willing to go beyond the "I'll pray for you" and actually stop and pray for that person?

Are you and others will to accept and approach people who are different from you?

Are you truly a welcoming church?


Two thoughts. (1) Every church says its friendly. Mine is too. So I say. Insiders always say that. Outsiders and newcomers must evaulate "friendly." (2) Even if we are friendly, we're still going to lose people if we don't move from friendly to friends, from friendliness to caring. I've seen that welcoming people is easier than relating to people once their "guest" status has ended.

Good post.

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