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At Ministry Best Practices we’ve opened up prime real estate throughout our website for innovative and forward thinking businesses and organizations of all types that provide remarkable products and services to our online community.

A large majority of readership is church and ministry leaders, pastors, and decision makers.  At Ministry Best Practices, you’ve found a prime spot to help your organization or business to grow.

At Ministry Best Practices you will have a sizable audience reach and exposure!


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Also all sponsorships will not only receive ad space but also receive a blog post announcing the new sponsorship with information regarding your business or organization. 


Available Sponsorships

300x250 Sidebar

There’s only one spot for a main site sponsor each month.

The cost is $129 per month.
    125x125 Sidebar

    There are spots for up to eight site sponsors each month.

    The cost is $49 per month.