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Where Can You Think?

Where do YOU go to think? According to Joey Reiman, CEO of BrightHouse, and Atlanta innovation consulting firm, there are really only five places that people can think these days... Where do people really think these days? Here's what he thinks:

1. The car.
2. The shower.
3. The church.
4. The john.
5. The gym.

Note the absence of office from that roster. According to an article in Inc. Magazine, "In addition to nearly five weeks' vacation, BrightHouse's 18 staff members get five Your Days, in which they are encouraged to visit a spot conducive to reflection and let their neurons rip. No mandate to solve a particular problem. Just blue-sky thinking -- often under actual blue skies. Reiman believes this unstructured cogitation is just as important to a project's success as time spent hunkered down in client meetings. Or as he puts it: "I think; therefore, I am valuable."

(ht: Todd Rhoades)


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