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View Assimilation like the Stock Market

If you are in ministry, particularly if you are closely involved with "Assimilation" types of ministries - you are open to a lot of potential frustration and angst!

It can often times feel like a roller coaster ride.

New people are coming to the church! They are getting involved in small groups! People are stepping up to serve! You are at a HIGH POINT!

Then the next day you discover - People at your church are visiting other churches! People are telling you that they aren't connected! People who visit aren't interested in coming back! People, you thought were "all in", call to tell you that they are leaving and moving on! You are at a LOW POINT!

It is easy to allow the heart get tossed around like a boat in the middle of a hurricane.

In ministry there are always going to be HIGH blips and there are always going to be LOW blips.

But you have to treat it like the stock market.

Like the stock market, it has times when it is a bull market, and times when it becomes a bear market. But what do the experts always say? - Ride it out. Investments are for the long-term. He can judge the market day to day. You have to look at the long term trends.

That is the same posture with ministry. Don't let your heart and emotions be captured by any single event or issue. (I know that is easier said than done!) Rather be willing to look at the big picture. What are the overall trends? What is happening long term?

If you have a long term plan or strategy for growth, make sure you continue to work the plan - don't be derailed by one day's disheartening circumstances.


Assimilation is a powerful word and carries significant baggage. Are you talking about incorporating? or belonging?

belonging...assimilation does have baggage and sounds too clinical....

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