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Take time to reflect

Check out this story of a lottery winner who took the time to think before he acted:

Most people can't wait to claim their lottery winnings, but when Peter Dushop realized he hit the jackpot last August he didn't rush out to claim his $3.6-million prize.

Instead, the 24-year-old realtor from Maple Ridge, B.C., put the winning Lotto 6/49 ticket in a safety deposit box and only told his mom about the win.

"I felt that was the best way to go, I needed some time to reflect on it," said Dushop on Monday, when he collected his cheque.

Sounds like a wise move. Of course, it did come at a cost:

All the patient waiting did come at a cost to Dushop — he lost a chance to collect about $100,000 in interest. But he said it was worth taking the time to really think about how it would change his life.

That said, he seems to be handling the winnings with a sense that most lottery winners don't have.

Too often we want to rush in and plow ahead without the time to reflect. At times our impetuousness can cost. It can cost us ineffectiveness, miss deadlines, forget key details or even not measure the positive and negative consequences that may occur from our actions.

Therefore it is important to take the time to think, plan and consider.

One habit that I attempt to build and keep in my schedule in a weekly review. It is a time on Sunday evening to get my bearings, and look ahead to the week.

This should be “sacred” time. Each leader should set aside one hour each week where you prayerfully and thoughtfully review the strategic plan and evaluate what is on your schedule for the upcoming week. It is important to make sure you have time in your schedule to work on your “big rocks”. Take time to modify your schedule for the week in the event anything has been left off. I make sure that I am looking at these areas when I do a weekly review:
  • Areas of Excellence
  • Top 5 Priorities (these are my important/not urgent things about my role as Pastor)
  • My Roles (those significant roles in my life as Father, Husband, Pastor, Friend, Neighbor)
  • Dashboard Items (my success criteria)
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