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Snooze your Email

I just came across a helpful little program today - Hit Me Later

I use gmail, and there are times when I am not ready to take an action on an email that I've just received.

But I do need to process the email nevertheless and get it out of my inbox.

Most of the time I am "starring" it - which indicates to me that it is important and because I can't take an action on it now, I'll need to come back to it.

The problem is that I have to go periodically to my "starred" folder and always check, review and look through the starred emails and determine which of them I need to immediately take action on.

What would it be like to "snooze your email" like you snooze your alarm clock?

You get an email, but you know that your are not ready to take action on it. Snooze it. Let it be resent to your inbox at a later time. Maybe that is a couple of hours from now, or even days.

The program to do this is called "Hit Me Later".

Check it out, it may help you be more productive with your information flow.


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