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Leadership Summit

In the past I have had the chance to attend the Leadership Summit, but unfortunately I won't have that opportunity this year. As usual, the line-up for the Summit is major league.

This year the speakers include:

  • Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek
  • Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of LifeChurchTV
  • Brad Anderson, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Best Buy
  • Wendy Kopp, CEO and Founder of Teach for America
  • John Burke, lead pastor of Gateway Community Church
  • Gary Haugen, CEO and Founder of International Justice Mission
  • Catherine Rohr, CEO and Founder of Prison Entrepreneurship Program
  • Bill George, Professor at Harvard Business School
  • Efrem Smith, senior pastor of The Sanctuary Covenant Church
  • Chuck Colson, chairman and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries.
Perhaps, like me, you can't attend the Leadership Summit this year, or perhaps you'll be there but you may want to read what others are thinking and saying about their experience.

If that's true, then make sure to check out my Leadership Summit '08 Live Blogging Site.

The site is a aggregate of bloggers and their thoughts about the Leadership Summit experience.

The information collected comes from numerous blog posts and tweets (Twitter - a micro-blogging site)

Enjoy and Leadership Summit '08 Live Blogging Site, it's the next best thing to actually being there.


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