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How to Move on from Life Changing Mistakes

Former CEO of the famously failed Julie Wainwright publishes a brutally honest inventory of the life-changing mistakes she's made and how she's moved on from them. After her company and her marriage collapsed (in the same week!) and her company's mascot became a symbol for the dotcom bust, Wainwright says:
I would like to tell you that I was down but not out. That I just brushed myself off and got on with life. I didn't. At first, I kept myself hyper-busy. That lasted for about three months. Then, I sank into a depression. I'm sure I was in shock for a long time. It was a very dark, confused time in my life. I kept pushing myself to get back to normal. That didn't happen. I never got back to myself. I became better than I was.
Julie talks through 5 mistakes she made and how she moved on.
  • Mistake 1: I allowed others to define me.
  • Mistake 2: I built my image of myself on two main supporting pillars. When those collapsed, I did too.
  • Mistake 3: I stopped believing in myself.
  • Mistake 4: I stopped taking care of myself.
  • Mistake 5: Allowing my head to rule my heart.
Take the time to read a candid and brutally honest account of Julie's failures and growth through them. It is a good reminder that failure is NOT FATAL. Although Julie doesn't take into account the spiritual dynamic of life in her musings, I would interject to say that failure is not ultimately FATAL when we remember and apply the gospel.

As a leader you must be clinging to the gospel. The gospel speaks of the reality of who you are "in Christ". In Christ, you are completely accepted. In Christ, you are completely known. In Christ, you are completely loved.

How do you move on from life changing mistakes? Cling to Christ and preach the gospel to your heart everyday.


Hi there,
I just want to say that my healing came through reconnecting to creativity, inspiration, love and community. To me, those are divine and they are truly connecting to a greater source, God. So, while you are correct, Bill, I did not reference Christ or God, they are woven in the document and in my soul.
Julie Wainwright

Thank you Julie for commenting on this post. My remark about you not taking into account the spiritual dynamic of life...wasn't meant to be a criticism of what you said, but rather to the opportunity for me to discuss it. Because this blog is written to ministry and church leaders, I feel that it is necessary, when I can, to connect the content to the spiritual.

Again, I did appreciate how candid and open you allowed yourself to be in that quote about lessons learned through your failures.


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