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Focus on Results - NOT Process

In the book, Words That Work by Frank Luntz he shares is that

"Positioning an idea linguistically so that it affirms and confirms an audience's context can often mean the difference between that idea's success and failure."
Or stated more simply, how you phrase an idea makes a difference in whether people accept or reject it.

Luntz says the communicator's task often is to find "the most appealing and persuasive way to present a preexisting proposition or program in a more accurate light." One example he offers is the way 51 percent of Americans surveyed said they'd be willing to pay more taxes for "further law enforcement" but 68 percent said they’d pay more "to halt the rising crime rate." What was the difference? "Law enforcement is the process, and therefore less popular, while reducing crime is the desirable result.

The communication lesson: Focus on results, not process."

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