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Featured Blog: PastorHacks

If you haven't already checked out PastorHacks, I would encourage you to do so. PastorHacks is the blog of Bob Hyatt. Bob is the pastor of the Evergreen Community in Oregon.

When I started Ministry Best Practices a year ago, I had already been reading PastorHacks quite regularly. In fact, PastorHacks became a significant piece of inspiration toward my vision for Ministry Best Practices. (thanx Bob!)

PastorHacks is filled with helpful advice and tools to help you become more organized and efficient. Bob talks a lot about, and uses the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) system for productivity. Therefore Bob shares a lot of tips on how to use GTD more effectively.

Also Bob is hip to and shares the latest Web2.0 tools and technology (an interest that I eagerly share).

I get a lot of great ideas from Bob. But what makes PastorHacks the most meaningful is the fact that Bob is a pastor and in ministry - therefore he doesn't share stuff on a theoretical level. Rather he shares the tools and helps that he has used from his real world experience.

Make sure to put PastorHacks on your must read list. And you can make sure you don't miss any of Bob's great content by subscribing to PastorHacks as well.

(occasionally Ministry Best Practices will feature outstanding and helpful sites and blogs that prove to be a tremendous resource for you and your ministry.)


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