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Do you want to create? Then RISK!

According to Scott Berkun, the author of The Myths of Innovation, the key word in those who innovate is “risk”.

Berkun says that that some of the companies that we look at as being the best at innovation, like Google, Apple, Pixar and 3M, promote innovation through a culture where ‘it’s ok to take risks, where failure is acceptable if valuable lessons can be learned. Whenever risks can be taken in a safe environment, innovation is much more likely to be successful.’

Another interesting caveat: while innovation can happen in both small and large organizations or churches, the larger your organization, the more dedicated resources you’ll need to fuel the innovation process; and the more you’ll need to risk failure. That is particularly hard (especially the failure part) as your church grows.

You can listen to a 30 minute interview with Berkun here.

On the whole, the Vine Community Church is willing to take risks. As long as you are moving the ball forward - that's what matters the most.

Risk, succeed or fail, learn, grow and try and Risk again.

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