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Can you overcommunicate?

Communication is one of the biggest challenges in our church. It is hard to get the message out and to make it stick. Often times to compensate for that difficulty, the temptation is to over-communicate.

Kem Meyer from Granger Church posted a poignant illustration of how too much communication can often swamp the effectiveness of communication (here is an excerpt)

Check this insight into what they're dealing with outside the church walls. 100 pieces of paper between two kids in 5 days. I can relate. It takes me 10-20 minutes to sort through the handouts and "flyers" sent home with my 2 kids every day from school. It stresses me out.


So, ask yourself before you create that mass mailing, hand out that brochure or send that email "Will this information I intend to be helpful just add to the clutter? Is there any way to simplify what my audience sees to make their experience with the church easier and more rewarding?"

Because, Lord knows, the public school system isn't asking themselves this question. It's the least we can do as the Church. Don't you think?

David Rudd who alerted me to Kem's post had some good comments here:


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