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Bringing the Resume into the 21st Century

Perhaps you have noticed near my profile on the sidebar a little icon that says, Visual Business Card. Visual CV wants to do away with the old-school way of sending our paper resumes.

Visual CV
want to bring the resume into the web age.

After a free registration, you can create your VisualCV resume. You construct the whole thing online with the company's browser-based editor. Here you can add and edit typical sections like "Objective", "Work History", and "Education" to your CV.

But things don't stop there. What makes VisualCV stand out is the variety of content that you can add to areas like the Portfolio sidebar. Web sites you're proud of creating? Put up screenshots. Video or audio recordings to show off your people skills? Put those in too.

The end result is somewhere between a traditional resume and a single-page portfolio web site. VisualCV also offers you control over who can see your work, and lets you create multiple versions to put forth a different persona to different readers. Best of all, it's all free. And that last fact is important if you are a ministry leader.

Also, if someone needs you to see a can download it as a PDF and send it to whomever needs it.

Click on my link
and take a look at what I created!


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