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Are YOU a Tired Leader?

Everybody gets tired but when a leader gets tired, there are several things that make all the difference in their ability to lead.

1. REST - It sounds easy to say but to rest means that you have to admit you are tired. This is hard for a leader to do. To rest is to trust your team with the vision and if you struggle with control - this is going to be hard for you. To rest means to STOP for awhile and stopping will feel like going against the grain of being a leader, because leaders are always GOING somewhere.

2. EAT WELL - When you are always on the go, it is easy to grab the quick fast meal or snack. But eating well and a proper diet is essential for a leaders' energy. Make sure you are eating a good amount of protein. Try to avoid large amounts of sugar that will cause you to crash later. Also moderate your use of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine (don't use these to 'medicate your anxiety'). I have been drinking several glasses of green tea of day. It increases metabolism and it is filled with antioxidants.

3. GET EXERCISE - Too busy to exercise? Perhaps. But an adequate exercise routine will help you not only physically but also mentally. Try to exercise an hour a day, or at least 30 minutes if that is all the time you can give to it. Make exercise fun. Do it with your spouse. Or watch your favorite movie while on the treadmill. But just do it.

4. LEAD WITH YOUR FEET UP - Make sure you take time to ponder, noodle and reflect. These times are not only relaxing, but they recharge and energize a leaders' vision.

5. PUSH THROUGH - While this may sound like a contradiction, it is what leaders must do in certain situations. As Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything under the sun. There are seasons when you have to “push through” your weariness and fatigue. There are nights that even though you are exhausted you may need to burn the midnight oil in prayer, or you may need to stay up all night with a hurting team member or friend. While pushing through is NOT a long-term strategy for success it is as one Navy seal put it, “NECESSARY”.


Hi Bill. Thanks for some short
to the point, practical insight. I guess preachers /leaders often forget that it takes a healthy body to transport a clever mind around. My mother always told me (still does actualyy) to'have a good breakfast!'

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