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Alltop - your online newsstand

The folks at Alltop have added a church category which includes some great stuff and blogs that I've followed for some time (i.e. PastorHacks and Goodmanson) as well as discovering some new blogs that I wasn't aware of.

In case you’re not familiar with Alltop - it’s a site that aggregates content from across the web categorically into one location. I think Alltop is such a great concept that I added an Alltop badge permanently to the site - because I believe that by going to Alltop's church category you will discover some of the best ministry practices found on the web.

In order to further understand Alltop's benefits, here is a visual from Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems with Pictures illustrating the difference between using Alltop and Google to get information.
(click the pics for a bigger version)

Check Alltop out…and if you are fan of Ministry Best Practices, send them an email, letting them know you’d like to see Ministry Best Practices added to Alltop's church category.


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