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"All of us in the Coca-Cola family wake up each morning knowing that every single one of the world's 5.6 Billion people will get thirsty that day...and we are the ones with the best opportunity to refresh them. Our task is simple: make Coca Cola and our other products available, affordable, and acceptable to them, quenching their thirst and providing them a perfect moment of relaxation. If we do this..if we make it impossible for these 5.6 Billion people to escape Coca Cola...then we assure our future success for many years to come. Doing anything else is not an option."

Rober C. Goizueta, CEO and Chariman of the Board of Coca-Cola, report to stockholders in their 1993 annual report.

Now if a person can be that passionate about carmel colored sugar water, how much more passionate should we be about people hearing the gospel?


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