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Fix your broken windows today!

Have you ever heard of the Broken Windows Theory?

“The theory states that it is easier to solve a small problem before it becomes a big problem. For example, if one person tags (graffiti) the side of a building, a small area, you want to clean that area up before more people add their tags to the building, making it a big issue.” from Wikipedia

This was the theory that Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City used to clean up the city. He went after the small things, because when he did he stopped them from later becoming big problems for the city.

Consider this theory with regard to your team and ministry.

Do you have any broken windows within your team? If so, what are they?

What are the small things, issues, concerns and problems that require your attention? Perhaps you realize that a better job is needed to produce training materials for your team and volunteers. Or perhaps no strategies, goals or objectives are in place to coach and care for your team. Perhaps you and your ministry have some outdated tools or procedures. Or, it could even be something old, outdated or dilapidated about your own church building. No matter what it may be, these small issues could be the cause of big problems now and even bigger problems going into the future.

Now, consider if these problems were solved immediately when they first happened or became apparent.

If you developed better training, care and accountability into your team today, it may help you recruit more volunteers for your team in the months ahead and you will reduce the attrition of your current volunteers in the future. Also, if you repaint the front of your church building or maintain your landscaping, you may find that church members are more willing to pick up litter in the parking lot.

A lot of small things can add up. The small things have a cascading effect, they cannot be ignored.

Solving small problems quickly may prevent bigger problems from coming up later.

(thanks to Agile Ministry for their thinking on this subject)


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