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Using Twitter as a Lifehack

Although this blog doesn't often address this issue, it is nevertheless an important Best Ministry Practice: good health.

You can't do everything that the Lord may be calling you to do if you feel sluggish, are sick and have no stamina.

Being a pastor is a wonderful calling and job but it does have a couple of on-the-job hazards. I am always around food and my job is very sedentary. As a pastor I meet people over meals. I have meetings with food at them. I sit all the time, either at the office, at Starbucks or in my car driving to an appointment. For myself, I needed to loose weight, have more energy and feel healthier.

Therefore, I am following the idea and inspiration of fellow blogger Dennis (mentioning it here on his blog) by using Twitter to provide encouragement and accountability for diet and exercise.

I have set up a Twitter site to record my food, exercise and weight. Visit

Using this tool, Twitter, I am going to be vulnerable and honest with you. I am going to tell you what food I am putting in my body. I will let you know when I exercise and how much. And you will get updates on my weight, loss or gain.

In essence, it is a food diary and a exercise diary. And you get a chance to see it all!

You can "follow-me" in Twitter or subscribe to it's RSS feed or check the updates on the NEW sidebar on the left hand side of my other blog - Provocative Church.

You can respond to me - encourage me, rebuke me when I drive into Krispy Kreme to get a dozen or commiserate with me as well.

I am doing this for me, and I trust that because I know that friends and the internet world will be watching, that it'll provide accountability and the necessary motivation.



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