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How to help get people CONNECTED in your church

Nelson Searcy has some of the best info regarding how to assimilate people into the church. He presents his entire system in his book Fusion which I have reviewed in an earlier post.
Recently Searcy has been answering some “how-to” questions regarding the process they use at Journey Church.

This has been a process that we have been using, with our own contextualization, here at Big Creek Church.
Here are the key questions that one who ask in helping people get connected and the links go to the answers:

  1. “What do you say to get people to fill out their Connection Cards?” Click here for the answer.
  2. Do You Do A Newcomer’s Reception? Click here for the answer.
  3. Do guests have to hand their Connection Cards in to someone in exchange for the free gift? Click here for the answer.
  4. How do you measure your Connection Card completion rate? Click here for the answer.
  5. How do you get both a husband and wife to fill out a Connection Card? Click here for the answer.

(ht: Paul Peterson)


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