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Creativity Doesn't Come From Perfection.

Just about every working team has at least one creative person on it. And yet too often the creative people are the ones that we can frustrate the most while working together. Very often, we want precision and structure when working and those noble values can at times frustrate the creative person.

Are you allowing your team to be creative, not just perfect, in their execution? Are you willing to let the outcomes be messy? James Marsters, actor and musician, offered a great example of perfection vs. pleasure for creative people in a June 2008 interview (read below or listen to it here):

Q: What is the hardest thing about guitar playing for you?

A: “Being comfortable with the fact that the guitar is a very sloppy instrument. Guitar, by its nature, never hits the right note ever. If you go for a G, you’re gonna get a G sharp or a G flat, period. There’s no way you’re gonna get a clean note on a guitar because there’s the bending of the strings and there’s so many variables. On a keyboard, you hit an E and you’re gonna get an E. But, a friend of mine told me that perfection in music is not pleasurable and the proof of that is those irritating Christmas ornaments that will sing you the Christmas songs (imitates tinny melody). It’s soooo bad, but it’s perfect. It is in imperfection that the artist shines, that’s where the expression comes in. So, the artist is always kind of sharp or flat, that’s the expression - and that’s what’s so frustrating about the guitar but also so exciting - it never will be perfect.”

(ht: Agile Ministry)


I agree with you... perfection in art is not doing thing in the most right way... simply because in art there is no ultimate right or wrong...
imperfection is more intriguing because it resonates within us...
Creativity comes from the root [create] which means coming up with new ways rather than the norm... or the right way...

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