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Blogging Fast

Have you ever fasted? Fasting is a wonderful, yet difficult, spiritual discipline. I know for me personally, when I fast (denying myself of food), my awareness of God is often heightened. My heart and mind are drawn to God and my eyes are fixed on Him.

As many of you may have noticed, I have been on a blogging fast. The fast was unintended and unannounced. But I needed to pause blogging and let it be dormant for a season so that I could close some important open loops in my life. Like most fasts, ultimately it is refreshing and rejuvenating, as this one was.

Having a blog off-line for a couple of weeks isn't good for a blog. But ultimately the blog serves me and I don't serve the blog. The blog is, and has always meant to be an outgrowth and extension of my life.

It was nice to know that several of you asked, "Hey I noticed you haven't been blogging! How are you doing?". Even my own mom called worried when she noticed that I hadn't posted in a while. She thought that I may have driven my car in the ditch or something (Hi MOM!).

Let this be the first post to break my fast, more Ministry Best Practices posts are on the way.


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