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7 Ways to Honor Your Volunteers

Agile Ministry has just started a new series on honoring your volunteers. Agile Ministry says that the volunteers in your church give their time, energy, and talent to help the local church make an impact. As church leaders, we need to ensure that we honor them appropriately:

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” - Romans 12:10

To honor someone is to give respect, courtesy, and even authority. In Agile's series, they are going to examine seven different ways that staff and church leaders can honor their volunteers:
  1. Respect Your Volunteers’ Time - considerate of the time they need for family, friends, work, and rest
  2. Provide Creative Expression - allow your team to be creative, even within your process
  3. Target Excellence - honor your volunteers by allowing them to target excellence in what they do
  4. Solve Small Problems First - small things can add up, so honor your volunteers by solving small problems quickly
  5. Keep Things Simple - sometimes simple is better than the most expensive or most complicated solution
  6. Ask Them Questions - your volunteers are valuable, so value their input
  7. Give Them a Vision - remind them of the big picture to make their sacrifice of time meaningful
You want to check this series out!

(ht: Agile Ministry)


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