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Oh, if people could say this about the church...

These are testimonials from former Google employees. They all had different reasons why they felt as if they needed to move on. And yet, one doesn't typically hear this kind of praise from employees that have "left" a company. As you read these testimonials, think about what it would be like if staff and ministry leaders could and would say this about your church after they left.

"The decision to leave was a tough one. Google clearly is an amazing company to work for. After consulting with many companies during my time at Adaptive Path, it's clear that Google is like no other: they move fast, think clearly, and push strategic decisions out to the people closest to their users. But in my career, I've always swung between the big and the small and it's time for another shift."
(Jeff Veen, Design Manager - May 2, 2008)
"What makes Google unique is its culture of respect. The tough interview process means that engineers are treated with respect from their first day. In such a supportive environment, even the most timid person works with self-confidence, which is marvelous to witness. This element of the company's culture was the biggest difference between Google and every other place I've worked in the past. I hope to take it with me throughout the rest of my career."
(Mike Tsao, Google Gears - April 23, 2008)
"...Then, there’s the pioneering spirit, which is extremely energizing and contagious. These days, it seems like a lot of the true innovations are made at small startups, which have the benefit of being orders of magnitude times more agile and efficient than a large company will ever be."
(DigitalHobbit - April 13, 2008)
"Working at Google has been an amazing, life-changing experience. It's an incredible company with a unique, quirky culture and tons of passionate, talented people. I feel very lucky to have been able to work with so many brilliant engineers on such fascinating products used by millions of people."
(Jess Lee, Google Maps Project Manager - March 15, 2008)

Could the staff and ministry leaders of your church say that the church and leadership are "supportive", "passionate", or "pioneering"? What would it take to see your church, ministry or even business become that kind of group?

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