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Need Your Help and Opinions!

Attention Readers of Ministry Best Practices!

We are currently looking to overhauling our Church Information Managment System at Big Creek Church. We currently use PowerChurch and we have been displeased with it for many reasons. We are looking at and examining two alternative systems that we want to put into place within the year.

Fellowship One

ACS Technologies

Have you and your church used either one? Thoughts, opinions, concerns? Are there issues with these that I need to be aware of.

Up to now, we have received demos of both programs. Now we want to visit several "end-users" and will be scheduling visits to local churches that use these programs.

Thanks for your help!


Bill...we are also currently looking for a new CMS. We have been though an examination of our needs and have narrowed the choices down to 4: ACS, RDS, F1, and Shelby.

We really want a CMS that will be accessible via the internet and we're also leaning towards a solution that is hosted.

All four vendor are giving demonstrations this week. We have a team of tem people that will be attending the demos and by Thursday evening we will hopefully make a decision.

I'll let you know what happens.

Jeff I will be looking forward to hear your conclusions.

I'm surprised that you didn't list Logos Management Software. As a leader in th industry next to Shelby and ACS, Logos offers all the same features as the two you list, plus Logos has a more flexible and less demanding architecture, easier user interface, less expensive support costs, more innovative and time saving applications, a completely scalable solution set so that you can buy any aspect you need today and add on as needed.

Call me to learn more. I served for 20 years in ministry. Over the phone we can explore your real needs.

Greg Troxell

We are ACS clients. Service is great. There is some issues with new development tools that are coming out, however, when they do they will be great. I am currently able to search the database for names, phone numbers and emails straight from Outlook 2007 or my Windows smartphone(also works on iphone). You may get some comments on the People Suite being cumbersome. I believe that is a result of the massive customization. I spend most of my time in Financials and I can tell you it is a breeze. Again, they are good people to work with.

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