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Leading Without Knowing All the Answers

Are you a small group leader? Do you find yourself leading Bible study discussions? Do you ever get those questions from the group that just leave you scratching your head and stroking your chin? Of course, no one expects you to have all the answers - you are not expected to be the Bible-Answer person. You don't have to know everything. And yet, it is always important to know where to go to find answers (and also help with preparation).

The cool thing about the internet is that there are so many useful and accessible tools to make the Scriptures come alive. The next time you are digging in the scriptures, either for your personal devotion or in preparation to teach others, check out these on-line resources.

Bookmark them and come back to them often.


Thanks!! I just bookmarked this whole page for reference!

Rindy, I am glad you found the list of resources helpful. One of my favorites is Follow the Rabbi.

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