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Is Your Time Getting Sucked Into the Internet Black Hole?

Here is article published by the Scripps News Service entitled, "Ministers Find Online World Time Consuming"

First the good news. It is exciting that ambitious ministry leaders can do 24/7, online, multi-media, interactive ministry at the local, national and even global levels.

Now the bad news. Users will expect them to build and maintain these 24/7, online, multi-media, interactive ministries at the local, national and even global levels.

Ministry is about people. The internet should be a tool that helps us "serve" and "minister" to people. The internet though should never take us away and overwhelm us from "being" with people.

How are you doing managing the opportunities for online ministry? Are you overwhelmed by reading and writing email, blogs, newsletters, forums, and participating in social networks? Or have you found effective ways to manage the digital world? If the latter, what insight do you have to share with others who may feel overwhelmed?


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