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Helpful Blogs

I don't know if you have taken look at my sidebar on the right hand side of the website.

If you click on "Helpful Blogs" a list will drop down of some of the best websites out there on ministry, creativity, productivity and small groups. It is an excellent resource! In fact, I feel as if I have been able to compile one of the most comprehensive lists available.

Here is a highlight of several of the blogs that I have linked to:

  • Church Marketing Sucks
  • - Don't let the name throw you off! The writers of CMS are always provocative and cutting edge in regards to church and ministry.

  • Mark Waltz
  • - Mark Waltz, writer of the book "First Impressions", always has excellent insights and thoughtful comments. Mark is a proven ministry practitioner.

  • Monday Morning Insight
  • - Todd Rhoades part of the Leadership Network always has an interesting collection of the goings-on within the church and the blogosphere. MMI is always a worthwhile, informative and entertaining read.

  • PastorHacks
  • - Bob Hyatt, pastor of Evergreen Church, is always exploring how to hone one's productivity ninja skills. Bob, a pastor, always wants to do things smarter, not merely harder.

  • Seth's Blog
  • - Seth Godin should be required reading for anyone who "blogs". His posts are short and pithy, but always filled with stuff that keeps percolating in my mind days later.

  • The Public Speaking Blog
  • - This blog is an excellent collection of posts related to communication and public speaking. I always find helpful stuff on how to become an even better communicator.

Make sure you go to the sidebar and check out all the helpful blogs and resources.


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