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Don't GAG!!!!

Don't get involved in a Small Group! What you say??!! How can you say that? You are a small group director. That's because I don't want people to get in a small group, rather I want them to connect into relationships!

It is important to communicate the priority of creating relationships- certainly groups are a great place to do that -but the point isn't a group, it is a relationship.

We used to have a saying in college ministry - G.A.G. This stood for Get A Group. GAG was not a good thing. When a person was GAGging it meant that they were more interested in getting a small group put together rather than the bigger picture of the relationships that needed to be developed.

When a person was only interested in getting a group -a small group merely became a task. It became an end in itself. When that happens people merely feel as if they are cogs in the wheel of a program or project.

Small groups rather are a means to an end. They are a venue in which people connect and can build relationships. That is what we are really desiring, relationships. Real, authentic and caring relationships.

When you think of starting your next small group, make sure you don't GAG!


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