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Facebook for Pastors

“Facebook for Pastors”

Chris Forbes is the founder of Ministry Marketing Coach has just published a new e-book entitled "Facebook for Pastors".

The e-book shows Pastors and those in ministry how to build relationships and connect with people using the most popular social network on the Internet. This 32 page e-book will help Pastors and other ministry leaders make the most of this great networking tool.

* How to make the most of your profile information
* Tips for Networking with People in Facebook
* All about groups, messages, poking, etc
* Brand Your Ministry
* Meet prospects for your church
* Learn more about the members in your church
* Fine tune your communication skills
* Testimonies from Pastors who use FaceBook
* and much more!

Get the e-book HERE

The e-book is in PDF format. Also, yours truly, has a one page testimonial in the publication on how we are using Facebook at Big Creek.


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