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Do we need or want greeters on Sunday morning?

This is the latest poll from the readers of CMS. The poll is concerning greeters on Sunday morning. Some people hate to love them; other people love to hate them; still others could care less.

27% of you absolutely love church greeters. Maybe you admire them, are grateful for them or love being one yourself. Either way, it's a Sunday highlight for you to be door-greeted by a smiling face.

48% of you aren't totally sold on greeters, and you judge on a greeter-by-greeter basis.

A final 25% of you don't really get greeting. You think it's a bad idea to have people who are set aside to be professional smile, wave and hand-shakers.

At Big Creek Church, we have greeters. It is important to be intentional with our guests on Sunday morning. But it goes well beyond merely a smile and giving someone a bulletin. Our greeters are prompted and trained to recognize guests on Sunday. And then it is their job to seamlessly help our guests to the get to the next place in their Sunday morning experience - whether it be check their children into nursery or Kidmo, or directing them to get a cup of coffee or getting them more information about the church by directing them to the information desk.

It is true that it is EVERYONE'S responsibility at Big Creek to make people feel welcomed. But that doesn't take away from the strategic role and responsibility of Sunday morning greeters.

What do you think about this poll and having church greeters?

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Great stuff Bill. Thanks man.

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