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The Power of Pause

Pausing is a communication skill!

Have you ever heard the term, a "pregnant pause"? Pauses in speaking aren't just dead air, they have value.

Here are some very helpful points about the power of pause from Bert Dekker:

We have found that there are five great benefits of learning to use the pause as a conscious skill:

  1. Getting rid of the distracting non-words.
  2. Allows you time to think of what to say next. (I personally find this the most valuable 'power of the pause.'
  3. Relieves tension, by allowing you to breathe.
  4. Reference your notes.
  5. Dramatize.
(HT: Bert Decker)

Always remember, you will always be more self conscience than your audience when there is silence. It may seem like an eternity to you, but it never feels that way to your audience.


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