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Let Your Guests Evaluate Their Experience

After a guest visits Big Creek Church, one of our follow up pieces is a thank you email. In that email we invite them to visit a special website in order to receive their feedback and to receive more information about the church.

Our goals for this website are to:

  • Thank them again for their visit
  • Communicate a posture of humility - we want to learn from their experience
  • Continue to plant the vision of Big Creek Church, even after their visit, by offering a video and access to more information about the church.
Visit the website HERE

Putting up a site like this is easy to do and it doesn't cost a dime. How do you follow-up with your guests?



i like this idea. i've been playing with a similar concept to help visitors know what their "next step" is if they want to be connected. i hadn't thought of the survey, though. that's a good addition.

why not pay the small fee to google to get your own domain that is more memorable? you can still host it on blogger.

I agree, I am moving toward that.


I wrote two articles about this particular idea:

Survey Your First Time Visitors?

First Impressions: Survey First Time Visitors (More)

I'm wondering if you are having much success with it, both in click thru rates and in actual responses.

In reading through the Assimilation Category, can you share with us changes that you have made to your hospitality because of this feedback?

Chris W

We have had minimal feedback on the click throughs...but I think there is value in asking for feedback. I think guests appreciate being asked, even if they don't avail themselves of the survey.

What kind of click thru rate are you getting? Can you tell?

Can you tell how many views of the video you get?

Have you tried radio buttons with rate on a scale of 1-5 instead of all narratives?

Just wondering.

I'm not a marketer but in buildling some of my otherwebsites, I find myself thinking about stuff like click thru rates.

I've seen this pitched in Searcy's book, but haven't found another church (only 4 that have tried)that has been getting useful information for the their effort.

It's a simple effort though.

Chris W

I don't have a good answer for you on the click through rates, I must confess that I am only concerned with the feedback and not the traffic.

I can tell you that the video views are: 180.

We tried the scale version but took a cue from Searcy's book to try a more narrative approach.

I personally don't think that a lot of people are going to avail themselves of giving their opinion, especially if they had a good experience.

But my success criteria isn't based on that, rather the success is communicated to our guests a "value". That they care and we are open to hear about their experience.

And to those that do choose to share their opinions, we value those and take them seriously.

But I think the value is found more in the ethos that it portrays rather than the actual numbers/information.

thats just my take on it.

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