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How To Pray During Your Meetings

You finally get your team together and you need to get down to business. Of course it is important to pray and commit your plans and time to Lord.

You know that God must go before us in our plans and that they must be from Him.

Psalm 127:1,

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

So we pray and commit our plans to the Lord.

The problem often times is that prayer becomes either a perfunctory prayer at the beginning of the meeting or a rushed or hurried prayer at the end.

How can we effectively weave together both prayer and planning?

Aim for 50/50. You can have the balance of 50% prayer and 50% planning in your meetings.

You may not alway hit the mark, but that should be the goal. The key, though, is on how to effectively implement it.

Don't do it in one chunk!

Rather, start and stop.

When a care is shared, a ministry challenge is expressed or a concern about a particular issue is discussed - stop the discussion and pray.

Ask the person who owns that issue to pray about it.

When you weave prayer throughout the fabric of the meeting, it will allow you and your team to experience prayer in a whole new way. Prayer and Planning won't just remain two disjointed parts but rather they will be intimately wed together as the important whole they are meant to be.


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