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Fusion by Nelson Searcy

If you are a pastor of a church and/or you are doing assimilation ministry than you definitely want to get a hold of this small, but information-rich little book. Nelson Searcy from Journey Church in NYC has been equipping churches on the subject of Assimilation Ministry for some time now. They do Assimilation Seminars all around the country (in fact, Travis Johnson just attended an Assimilation Seminar, check out the notes from the seminar)
They also sell the CD's from those seminars, which I purchased a couple of years ago. It was then that I became a big fan of their process and best practices.

Now Searcy has taken much of that information and put it in an easy to read, helpful book.

Searcy walks you through the entire assimilation process. Searcy guides you through the very first step of the process, which is making that stellar first impression with guests. This is done by making sure they are Greeted, Directed, Treated and Seated. (for a more detailed examination of creating WOW first impressions I would highly recommend Mark Waltz's book: First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your Church)

Searcy also deals with how to effectively gather information from your guests through the use of the Communication Card and the "Free Gift".

After a guest's visit, Searcy clearly explains and details the next steps. For Searcy and Journey Church it is all about being Fast, Friendly and Functional.

But the follow up work isn't merely accomplished by a couple of notes and emails. Searcy is correct when he asserts that if a new person doesn't find relationships and responsibilities, they are most likely to be gone in 6 months. Therefore the work of assimilation dovetails strategically with your church's small group ministry as well as working with all your ministry team leaders in mobilizing volunteers for their teams.

Searcy makes the point clear that the work of assimilation isn't completed until that person moves into membership. For our church, this is a no brainer. Searcy is preaching to the choir on this point. Membership is very crucial to the life of our church and especially within our denomination's ecclesiology. (I am a pastor of a Presbyterian Church - PCA)

Included throughout the book are helpful examples of the notes and emails that Journey sends, their website survey that they offer, and communication card that everyone fills out on Sunday morning.

Searcy's book is a must read and will provide a much needed template and process for effectively assimilating and connecting people within your church.

You can purchase Fusion by Nelson Searcy HERE

3/28 - added: For a bunch of free fusion resources you can go to:


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