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10 Worst Small Group Study Guides

Is your small group getting stale? Has it become the same old, same old? Then crank it up a notch with this list of the worst small group study guides. These guides are for the small group - where it can't get any worst:

Top 10 Worst Small Group Study Guides

10. Leviticus Laws: A 52-Week In-Depth Study

9. How To Become A Bullhorn Preacher In 6 Weeks

8. Everything You Wanted to Know About Hell, Fire, & Brimstone (But Were Afraid To Ask)

7. The Ins and Outs of Biblical Circumcision

6. Simple Questions: A 12-Week Guide To Giving Sunday-School Answers

5. The Black-And-White Guide to Christianity's Grey Issues

4. The Crusades (And Christianity's Other Most Embarrassing Moments)

3. Improving Your Marriage Through Changing The Bad Things About Your Spouse

2. How To Transform Gossip Into Prayer Requests

1. Sinning For Dummies

List taken from CCC Small Groups


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