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Top 3 Buckets for Capturing Ideas

How do you capture ideas when you get them? What are the buckets that you are using?

If you are anything like me, you have a mind like a steel sieve and therefore I need quick and easy ways to capture a to-do, an appointment, file an important resource or make a reminder.

I am not asserting that these tools are the "best", but I have tried and used many tools over the years, and I have settled on these few that are working for me.

The king of my tools right now is

At its most basic level, Jott is a voice to text transcription service. All you need to do is call Jott, leave a message, and Jott transcribes it and emails you or your contacts the text.

I Jott myself notes or reminders right over the phone. This is great because if I have an idea or remember to needing to do something while in the car, I can capture it instantly in Jott and not worry about trying to remember it until I get home or to the office. Also I can Jott an email to anyone in my contact list or group of contacts that I have set up before hand.

If you have Google Calendar hooked up as your own preferred calendar application you can just add Google Calendar to your choice of Jott Links and simply by calling Jott you can add an appointment. There are times in the car after a phone call my next action is that I need to put in my schedule an appointment. With Jott links, I now just call in my appointment and it shows up in my Google Calendar. It couldn't be more simple.

(By the way, here is a great post from Lifehacker that gives you a good run down of the Jott features.)

The next tool I use a ton is Google Notebook.This is one of the least known of the Google apps, and not until recently has Google been adding some very nice features. I use Google Notebook to capture information on the internet. Although I use it some for note taking (I use Google Docs more for that purpose), the main feature is the ability to clip information. The beauty of this application is the Browser extension that allows you to take any highlighted piece of information and "Note this" sending it right into the Notebook. I am always collecting interesting articles, quotes and resources that I know will come in handy during my sermon preparation or have some use in my ministry. Google Notebook is my online file cabinet for all my sermon illustrations, ministry articles, and the like. Because of the great ability to search the notebook or even tag items, information never gets lost or misplaced, it is always at my fingertips.

And lastly, I use Backpack reminders.

I haven't been using Backpack as much as I used to, but I love the Backpack Firefox extension which allows me to instantly add reminders that will go directly to my email. I use this app a lot while I am in meetings. A deadline comes up, a new event is going into the church schedule, I need to send an important email out to my volunteers or I need to add something to my to-do list and I don't have the time to stop my work flow to add it fully to my calendar, write the email or add it to my to-do list. This is why I like this little extension within Firefox, because within seconds I can capture that important piece of information knowing that I will get an email sent to me reminding me to take some action. Then later, after the meeting, I can spend the time populating my calendar, writing the email, adding it to my to-do list or doing whatever action is required.

What are some of your favorite collection tools?


Thanks for this post. I use Backpack but did not know about the Firefox add on. I also didn't know about Jott.


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