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New Name, New Look!

Some big changes have happened to this blog within the last 24 hours. Two big things happened. The template changed. But more importantly than the aesthetics and look, was the change in the name.

Over the past year this blog has been evolving and changing. It first started as a simple communication piece to my First Impression Team - which I barely updated. At that point the blog was dying on the vine. Then, in keeping the name First Impressions, I tried to revive it and it became and developed into a Ministry Best Practices blog - including a variety of subjects from Assimilation to Small Groups to Communication skills.

That is why I changed the name. I needed this blog to accurately reflect the content that I am delivering and writing about every week. So I figured, if I am going to change the name, I might as well update the look. There you have it :-)

I hope you will continue to find this blog a good resource of ministry best practices and that you will keep coming back and even subscribe in order to stay updated with future content.

Let me tell you what hasn't changed though:

If you have subscribed to either the email updates or the RSS feed, there should be no interruption to receiving them.

Also what hasn't changed is my desire for this blog to be a conversation. I don't have all the answers. Sure I know some stuff and have learned about ministry having worked in it for over 17 years, but there is a lot I don't know. I am continuing to learn and to apply those learnings. Therefore the comments are open, don't hide and be a "lurker" - share the wealth and let me hear from you!


i like the new look. nice and clean.

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