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Motivate Your Volunteers With PURPOSE

Watch this short video clip and then read below...

I have used this illustration with my volunteers and leaders many times in the past. That story never gets old because effectively illustrates the Power of Purpose.

For instance, I constantly tell my Sunday morning First Impressions team that they may think that they are greeting drivers when they come into the church parking lot. They may think that they are just handing out bulletins at the door when people come into the church. Or they may think that they are just making coffee for the cafe because people need that jolt of caffeine early in the morning.

To all three opinions, NO, NO and NO. If, being a part of the First Impressions team, you think that that's all you are doing, then you are just laying brick to either make a living or build a wall. But just like the title of this blog, we greet our Sunday morning guests, we make coffee for the cafe, and we greet people in the parking lot, because "People Matter to God".

Andy Stanley, from Northpoint Community Church, says that the sermon starts in the parking lot. He is right. The first 10 minutes of a guests experience on Sunday morning matter most. It is important that the First Impressions team understand that they are, like the video clip suggests, building a beautiful cathedral to the glory of God.

Your volunteer's motivation and their perspective will dramatically change if you will just help them understand their big, hairy, bodacious PURPOSE.


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