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Are you inviting?

Here is an excerpt from Todd's blog:

David Foster writes, "Why do the people attending your church not invite other people to come to the experience? They come. They’re faithful. They give and support, but they don’t invite other people. If people in your church are not inviting people, they are not inviting people on purpose. We think they are intimidated, but they are not. They know very well how to invite people to great stuff. They do it all the time..."

David continues:

You take an average person who goes to a great concert; it’s very easy for that person to invite someone to the next one. He went and had a great experience. He was moved, he was touched, it was a great value, and it was worth the time and the effort. He knows that his friend is going to benefit from it and he’s going to thank him afterward. So he invites him enthusiastically. They make the date, they plan, they spend the money, they anticipate. We’re really good at inviting people to places that we love going and knowing there’s a benefit at the end.

So at the end of the day, maybe what you should be more focused on is helping your people love to come and to understand the benefit that others may have who come after them. Maybe people aren’t inviting people to your church because they aren’t that enthusiastic about it either.

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David is exactly correct. If someone is excited about a product or an experience, the people become natural evangelists. When people aren't inviting, one question I must ask myself immediately is, Do people that come here actually what to be here themselves? I may not like the answer, but I have to be willing to ask the question.


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