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All the Stuffed packed into a Logo

In a post at Provocative Church I shared that our church is going through a branding process with Metaleap. Just one of the many deliverables from the process will be a new logo for our church. Of course anyone with a computer can slap together a logo. But a logo is much more than producing eye-candy.

Wired has an interesting article about the design of Google's logo and its many iterations.

The article talks about the evolution of the design and what reasons and rationales went into the design of their now ubiquitous logo.

Over time the Google designer came up with a lot of different iterations of the logo,
"from a pattern that suggests the infinite to interlocking rings that symbolize the power of search to transgress cultures, from a happy magnifying glass to sheer playfulness. By taking out the magnifying glass, Kedar, the designer, opens up the logo to signify that Google can become much more than just a search engine. By playing with the angles and colors of the letters, she tries to make clear that Google isn't a square corporation."

Ruth Kedar, the designer, explains that she chose the Catull typeface because "Catull borrows elements from traditional writing instruments such as the quill and the chisel with a modern twist. Search, by nature, is an activity that requires we look into the past. Therefore Catull's historical ties seemed appropriate, as did the bridging between the old analog world and the new emerging digital era."

From the examples above it becomes obvious that the simple and cheerful Google logo hides a lot of interesting ideas and concepts. A logo isn't just something that has to look cool, but rather, embedded in the DNA of the logo's design, is the communication of the organization's ethos.

There is more to a organization's logo than meets the eye.

I look forward to seeing what this branding process for Big Creek Church will eventually produce.

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