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Thinking Team

My entire down-line of ministry team leaders are volunteers. But team is so important to me that I have pulled them together as a team. This is important on a couple of levels.

First it breaks my leaders out of their silos - we are all working toward common goals and a common vision.

Second, we work better as a team - collective learning is always better.

Third, teams provides encouragement - it says that you are not alone.

Fourth, we get to celebrate with one another and pray for one another.

Therefore I meet with my team leaders who are volunteers at least once a month for coaching.

Every other month, all my team leaders get together for a meeting all together as a team. On the off months I am meeting individually with each team leader for individual coaching and equipping.

Above and beyond those bare minimums, I meet with my team leaders as the needs dictate.

Let me compliment some of my thoughts with some excellent thoughts on this subject from one of Shawn Lovejoy's recent posts:

"One of the great challenges of a leader is building and leading our teams. Frankly, it's always faster and more efficient to do things by ourselves. It's HARD to do team! That's why one of the things I'm constantly doing is challenging leaders to THINK TEAM as a leader. We must build teams at every level of our churches and organizations! Jesus actually MODELED thinking team. Here's some thoughts on how to build and lead more effective teams based on the life of Jesus:

  • Determine not to do life and ministry ALONE. Jesus had a team of 12. If He had a team, don't you think we need one?
  • Pick the right people for the team. Jesus didn't pick superstars. He picked mean who be moldable, teachable, and loyal.
  • Cultivate our team. Jesus spent A LOT of time with His team. he was constantly pulling away from the crowds to invest in His team.
  • Function as a Team. Jesus taught the disciples HOW to work together to accomplish more than they could accomplish on their own. He introduced them to the Upper Room, where they could come together, huddle, and then go tackle Hell with a water gun."
(HT: Shawn Lovejoy)


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