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Poor Communication Skills

7 Poor Communication Skills to Avoid
1. Contacting others only when you need something.
2. Not following up, or closing the loop.
3. Not returning telephone calls or email messages.
4. Foregoing basic courtesy.
5. Not listening.
6. Telling lies.
7. Spewing chronic negativity.

Some of these would seem obvious in a church, i.e. don't tell lies. But many of these aren't for a lot of church staff. Many on this list are good reminders for many of us, particularly number 1 and 2.

I can get very task driven and only contact people when I need something, and that communicates that a person is only valuable to me only if they can do something, and that isn't a good thing to communicate. Also, with number 2, I can start strong, but then I get distracted and don't close the loop effectively, and so I need to keep my eye on that issue as well.


You're right that many of them seem obvious, but... (there's always a but)

The one that really caught my eye was about "only contacting when you need something" That's huge.

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